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2019-03-15 07:00:22 (UTC)

Texting with two friends

Last night, two women friends were texting me. Nothing bad and we're friends. One was the superstar at the gym and the other from my meetup group. I mean, they are both beautiful women so that's always a little nice knowing the person chatting with you is very pretty. But what I liked more is that they are good people. I'm always trying to make a conscious effort to be surrounded by good people. I think you become what you are surrounded with. Hang out with the bad, you become bad.

One lady was discussing how it's hard starting from the bottom since finishing her nursing program. New boyfriend is hard to figure out too and she trying to make that work. It's alway cool to get a woman's perspective. Also, it shows that being with someone doesn't make you happy. It comes with it's own challenges and only further solidifies in my head that you need to be happy first before you should be with a romantic partner.

The other lady was just my gym friend that I've gotten close to. She is always positive and happy at the gym so we have a lot of fun and the one hr goes by feeling like 20 min. She never complains about anything. She is always positive and she actually think I'm a nice special kind of guy. I always laugh when she says that. She make me out to be better than I really am. I don't flame my ego. I just appreciate her positiveness in life. I mean, how many people tell you that you are awesome and not related to you?

I'm still in bed even though I should be getting ready soon. I just got up to pee, get coffee, and weigh myself. I'm down to 156 lbs and that's before going number 2. haha. TMI. So after that and taking a hot shower, I might even be down to 155. I have been eating right except for a few times this couple of weeks and I went to the gym 8 time so far in the past two weeks and this week isn't over yet. I may or may not go today but Sat for sure. I hurt my left arm a little doing some RDLs. Reverse curls weren't feeling good for my left arm too but we'll see.

Today is called booty Friday at the gym. That means more butt and lower leg area. Safe enough for my left arm not to hurt so much. I had my legs up on the coffee table last night watching tv. I'm liking my legs. Especially my calf muscles. They look nice. I also notice some muscles and I don't know what you call them but in the front and sides of my legs below the knee are some stands that I didn't have before I started going to the gym. Now I got some :) My quads are nice and firm too now. No old man saggy ass here :) I know because I now look at myself when I have boxer briefs on. Haha, I sound so vain right now. But it's my diary and I busted my ass going to crossfit shit for one year 7 months now. Still trying to get that super awesome weight of 150 if I can. But I think I only got that when I was depressed from my breakup along with hitting the gym. Not quite sure I can do it because I drink wine at night. I just liked that weight because that's when my abs were looking at it's best and I was flying at the gym.

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