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2019-03-15 07:38:48 (UTC)

day 11

It's day 11 and I'm feeling that feeling again. that feeling of panic. i think because it's a friday and its the weekend, and that's making me anxious. that normally i'd have plans tonight, to do something or go somewhere. but instead i'm without plans. yvn wanted to come over and i said yes initially then i said next weekend. cos i can't imagine being around anyone and feeling how i know i'm going to feel. but then again maybe i should have her come over cos it'll take my mind off. I just don't want that responsibilty of having to baby sit, and think of someone else, when I can barely handle the task of looking after myself right now. but then again. according to things i've read, it's advised that even when you feel terrible, still try and be with friends.

Tryin to fill my day tomorrow with activity.
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