Do Not Disturb

2019-03-15 02:34:13 (UTC)

Confused Feelings

Yesterday - Phone percentage 17% = Mood= :(

I never realized how emotional I was till today. Okay that was a lie. And the worst part is is that I broke my charger while trying to charge a samsung tablet that wouldn't fit.

Ikr. How dumb can I get ?

I mean it worked for the most part and the whole thing just collapsed on the floor. Good thing the tablet didn't break but as for my phone being dead and my charger cord is no longer a charger. I can just replace that one with a new one.

Theirs this dude that just tried to " flirt" with me. Idk what he was doing. I guess he was because he was asking for my number but I didn't give it to him. This is the same dude who's done this with who knows how many girls. Good thing I have a boyfriend.

And he knows that I have a boyfriend but he doesn't care he just flirts with me anyways. I don't think guys like him ever care that girls like me have a boyfriend.

I wrote a song about him to help me feel better about my feelings towards him and..

Did it help at all you may ask ???

Nope... It didn't.

It makes me think about him even more since he clearly doesn't like me. I mean he never said he didn't like me. Nor did he say he likes me.

My Grandma's right.

I wonder if I quit the job will it make anything better for me.

Probably not.

It Will probably make things worse when I didn't have a job and it will be harder for me to find a job than the previous one that I have. Even though I can't stand to see his face no longer it be stupid for me to quit a job over some guy and the fact that he has a girlfriend and a 2 year old above it is even worse for me. Not for the kid but for the girlfriend.

Girlfriend = NO DRAMA !

Good thing he's off this weekend. I work. Maybe that will ease the pain that I have that's hurting inside. And out.

It is currently 6:27 PM and my phone is in the matter of life and death.

Phone percentage = 6%

And what's even more sad is that I never even got to get my permit or my driver license so I'm stuck with my mother driving me to school and from school. To work and from work. Not that I don't mind.

- A

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