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2019-03-14 02:23:59 (UTC)

Up Way too late

Dang, I'm up so late now. Gotta get up soon. Actually, I fell asleep so early tonight then woke up at midnight. So I did already get 4 hrs sleep and I'll get another 3 shortly. Had a great dinner. Didn't have ribs in such a long time but I earned it and it tasted so good. Yet, I'm good with salad and topped with some white chicken any day everyday.

I tried to get the 5 grand again but I doubt I'll get it. Also, Carrie just simply disappeared from contact. I'm still scratching my head on that one. Weird weird woman. Don't know where she was coming from and don't know where she's headed. I still don't know what her motive was.

A bunch of little things for my Tacoma should be coming soon. And the biggie Diamondback bed cover should be arriving at the shop maybe in about 1.5 weeks. But I do have door latch aluminum covers. At the moment, it's just a latch that looks ugly. I've been waiting for awhile for my red trimming for my glove box, shifter, and some other trimming I forgot about already. I have cup coasters that light up whit motion or vibration and is USB rechargeable. I'm going to have under dash lighting and it will be remote controlled with multi-colors so that'll be cool once installed. Just ordered the railing for the front bed. I guess some models don't have them? Weird so I ordered one. Customer switches for the under dash lights. I didn't order it yet but I inquired about interior LED lighting. Not sure if I'm going with classic white or go red to match my truck color.

Still can't stand the ugly dim halogen lights. I for sure will get HID lights probably by next month. My budget is still a little tight since I bought the truck 3 months ahead of time but it'll be ok. I worked my budget for 3 months and I got some cushion to play. My Sister's vacation trips is where I'm a little on the grey side. Not sure how much to save or budget for those trips yet. I know I'll have enough for Oregon. Not sure about South Korea.

I'm still smiling. I till feel pretty good. I am a little weirded out by a few thing but no show stoppers. Can't wait for what the future holds :)