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2019-03-12 00:04:15 (UTC)

Got my lock for tailgate

Saw a video for my Tacoma tailgate and how it can be ripped off in 10 seconds. So I of course got me a special lock for it and installed it. Also checked out my favorite auto accy shop and checked the prices for my HID headlights. Another 200 benjies plus installation of 100. Going to get my floor lighting done at the same time too. Maybe I can get that done this month. Maybe. If not, then probably in April. But I wanted to get the rock sliders in April so I dunno.

Today, I gave my favorite gym peep the workout shoes she wanted. She's cute. So appreciative just for a pair of shoes. She's cool. Just like a little sister I never had. haha.

Got home, did a little more purging in the garage and a little more organizing. Just a little. Decreased the footprint just a little more. The other bedroom needs work though. I used it for storage and it's getting a little too out of control in there. Not like I'm needing it for sleeping quarters but it'd be nice not to have a bunch of crap in there.

That's pretty much it. A nice drama free day. Oh wait. I did get a text from my ex wife and she said they're going to do another procedure for her back issue this weekend. She also said another one scheduled for April. Told her what if the doctors came out that day and said "April Fools!! N surgery needed!!". Well, she didn't like that joke at all. I tell you some people just can't make them laugh. I thought it was a dang funny joke.

No word from Carrie. Just as I thought it'd be like. Glad my head is on straight and I'm not listening to the other head.

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