Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-03-12 14:18:08 (UTC)

Oh what an ordinary day

Take out the garbage masturba- no no no....

Why does my mind keep going lewd? Can I just not think about pornagraphy for one second? Even when I’m chilling and not horny I have dirty thoughts and it’s getting really fucking old.... even while thinking about sex I still won’t be horny I’ll just keep my mind on sex.... sex sex sex, that’s all my brain can think about and it’s so annoying. Why won’t sex leave my mind? I certainly don’t want kids, I don’t what any of that stuff... I just can’t stop thinking about sex... why is my mind so engrossed by sex? I’m 16 I don’t need to worry this stuff! Is it because I already lost my virginity? Should I have walk away from the offer? How could I though? It was heat of the moment. I touched him a little so he got his hands on me, then we pecked lips and then that turned to making out and his lips could put me to sleep. Then it went in... dick was in th ass and it felt soooo gooood, forget about fingering I need more dicks in the ass. Alright well thinking about that session is making me horny as fuck but I need self control, longest I’ve gone without masturbation was 11days... yup, that’s my pathetic record....

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