Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-03-11 19:58:18 (UTC)


My dad just yelled at me for not opening the door for him... fuck him, he makes no fucking sense and he is the reason I run away from home all the time. “Don’t ever open the door late at night”. It’s 7:30pm and you banged on the door? not a gentle let me in knock it was a hard “LET ME IN OR DIE” bang that scared the fuck out of me, have you ever been so scared you just lost your voice? Well that’s what just happened. He raised his voice like he always does and said “you could have said who’s there!” Oh I wanted to scream fuck you so badly... but I still didn’t have a voice because of how he scared me so harshly

I know this is a over the top reaction but I really want to stab the fuck out of that asshole. What’s always entering my head is how easy it would be to slip a knife in his throat while he’s sleeping.... wait until 2:00am and get a long durable knife, slowly creek the door to his room, tip toe over him and stab his throat, jam it deep as possible and cut his arteries, twist the knife side to side as his last blood gurgling breath fades away

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