Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-03-11 13:55:02 (UTC)

Would you do the same?

Imagine if you woke up one day and your loved one is dead, nothing tragic just life got to them, would you bury them in the back yard? Would you plan a funeral? Would you want to cremate them? Maybe call some body? My side on this is creepy as fuck but hell with it, I’m anomynious so why not say it...

I wouldn’t tell a soul first of, I’d keep it to myself. I would take care of the body to, after all the system is done with what it does when a human dies I would get a bath started and wash them. Then I would brush the teeth and clean out what I can. I would preserve the body as much as I possibly can and use them for snuggling. I know that is creepy to others but I need something to snuggle, I can still feel there love if they are gone soullessly but their body remains. I’m probably the only one who would do this but I wouldn’t tell anyone in real life, they’d call 911 or something. I would do this until I found someone new to snuggle with, that’s if I could though. Nobody is perfect like Leon and once his body actually starts to decay I’d probably hold him tight and overdose on every medication in the house.

Recently I told other people about my diary and I wonder if they are going to read this one, and what they are going to think of it.

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