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2019-03-10 22:05:56 (UTC)

Text from this other hottie

Well, this other hottie texted me today. She just wanted to see what was going on. She's ok. She told me she got a job with the County as a nurse. Good for her. I told her congrats and hope she's doing fine. That was pretty much it.

Carrie sent me a text. She pretty much still wants to see me but go a little slower than that other night. I'm good with that. To be honest, I don't know how stable she is so she's going to have to prove to me she's able to communicate and have somewhat of a grip on life. Otherwise, I'm not desperate to just be with any woman. She is cute though so that's the thing :) haha. Very good kisser with very soft lips....and tongue :) haha.

Tonight, I worked out in the garage. Left the Tacoma outside for a few hrs and I was jumping rope. Getting better at it and I tried doing doubles in sequence but I can't do more than two in a row for now. Also, in between jumping rope, I was purging and reorganizing the garage even more. I did some improvements so I figure a little at a time works for me.

Later, I saw a post on facebook from Carrie. She posted that she wants a man to fight for her. Not sure if that was pointed towards me but I'm not doing that. Last time I was with my ex gf trying to keep her, she accused me of being too needy. So... apparently there is a fine line between needy and fighting for some woman :) haha. Funny. I have to laugh. Never know what a woman is thinking. Anyway, I still am happy and if someone walks into my left, then great!!! But I'm not going to lose my confidence and just my overall self to be with someone. They have to meet me half way. I think that's fair. We shall see. Carrie is cute and she's only 40 yrs old. Not to compare but she's about 5 years younger than my ex gf. haha. Oh well, I'm kicking back obviously posting on here while I'm on the sofa watching a movie. Life is pretty good.