deanne and Connor

our dialog
2019-03-10 09:16:23 (UTC)

i am so sad and sorry......

My slut is forgiven. Life happens and I know you didnt have any control over that. I somehow got the impression today was a no go. So I owe apologies as well. Loves you dearly!

Master xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
What happened yesterday has been on my mind ever since. i feel so terrible that i let You down and wasn't able to serve You fully or properly. In fact i couldn't even give You a proper goodbye. i am SOOOOO sorry and if You feel i should be punished i would accept and understand for having let You down.
Although i wasn't alone this morning i sat in Cass for close to an hour hoping You might make it by. If nothing else i could have apologized directly and it would have made me feel a little better, i think.
i will wait a little longer, until 10:30. i hope You have a wonderful day today. It is snowing here again today but supposed to turn to rain later on.
i love You, and i am sorry.