Experienced Life
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2019-03-09 15:30:23 (UTC)

Nice Saturday

Went to Harbor Freight to buy stuff again. Don't have much of a budget so I bought cool but not expensive stuff. I bought a bunch of l.e.d. flashlights of all sorts and sizes. Some I'll leave in my truck and it can be charged via usb so it's self sustaining. Bought a couple of tire repair kits. Always handy and with a cheap compressor, it'll be all you need. Also got a cargo bin container so hopefully I'll be a little more organized with my truck.

We were going wine tasting and I was supposed to meet Carrie again but she got busy with her kiddo and couldn't make it. I thought it was weird anyway. Still shaking my head.

Just looked at my FB page. Pulled up a memory from the past and it was one with my ex gf. Caught me off guard. Felt a little pinch in the heart I guess. But I got this. I know that the past is just the past. It's not here anymore and it's simply a file from the past. The past will have feelings attached to it and that is what I am experiencing. i'll be ok. I'm safe and sound here in the present. I can't be harmed. This will pass and I will be fine. Life is still good. A little weird from last night but I still have a good life.

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