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2019-03-09 07:07:07 (UTC)

Out of the blue

My morning ritual again. In bed with a cup of coffee. Weird but fun night last night. My friend had a birthday and we decided of all the places to go, he'd rather have dinner.. at my place. My other friend bought the food. I got some stuff but not really much of anything. We played darts. Had fun bullshitting around as usual But... and this is a big and weird but..... Someone messaged me. A friend from the past. Someone from our meetup group. We've been friends and by that we've seen each other from time-to-time on our meetup group outings.

Well, this friend wanted to go do something. Just out of the blue. I replied with "did you text me by accident?" haha. She said no and that she meant to text me. She wanted to go out. I said sure, maybe tomorrow. She said she was thinking of doing something now. So.. I said to come on over and guess what? She replied saying she'd be here in 20 min. Holy moly!!

She came, we watched a movie. Then we started playing song with Alexa. Alexa can be a fun party thing. Everyone is shouting at it telling it what songs and stuff to play. At the end, there was only the birthday couple left. Roomie went to bed. So she and I were there and she wanted me to sit next to her on a lazyboy which meant we were snug as a bug together. There were some songs my friends like so they got up and slow danced. I asked my friend to dance also and we did.

Next thing you know, she was holding me really tight rubbing her thigh against my crotch and so of course, i got hard. haha. Then we started kissing.. french kissing. She kisses nice. Soft lips unlike the crusty lips like someone I used to know. haha. I then slid my hand up and down her back squeezing her butt. It only made her push her thigh in closer to my now really bad hard on. Then I moved on arm up front and slid my hand up her blouse to feel her breast. Couldn't help it and she let me too. It was nice. Felt so good and she is cute too. I dunno how all this shit is happening but it did.

Thinking back, I did show her my truck. Sat in it and played with the dials. She said she loves this truck and the new car smell smelled so good. She even said it was orgasmic. haha It actually got her turned on. A truck!!!! I smiling and shaking my head at the same time. I know she was just playing around but oh well. She then asked me how old I was and I asked her the same thing too. She's only 40 years old. She couldn't believe how old I was. She says it's that asian thing where we don't age. haha.

Anyway, it got late. At 11:30 she said she had to go. She had to work at 7AM the next day and she still had to drive home. She gave me some e-tickets to a wine even somewhere in Loomis and she said all my friends can go. Event start at 12PM and she gets off at that time so she'll be there at 12:30. I woke up half thinking it was a dream but the mess in the kitchen and my friends asleep in the pullout bed tells me it all happened. haha.

I have no dreams about this working out or anything. My friends say they like her and hope it works out. I thought it was too weird and said that it was weird and not to expect anything out of it. I know women can change their minds pretty quickly. This is no exception. But it was fun. Should something keep going on, then that'd be fine. If not, that'd be fine too. I am happy anyway. This just add icing to the cake.