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2019-03-07 13:36:30 (UTC)


Just spoke to tlu at work. I gave him the roundabout gist of my situation, obvs reframing it to make it seem as if i was asking for a friend ( I know, cliche, but in my current state of mind i won't be hard on myself). I basically asked him, if you were seeing someone and the dynamic kind of devolves into a booty call, situation suddenly that you found yourself going along with, is it possible for the guy to see you as someone he can get serious with again or start seeing again?' and tlu told me 'yes naaa' as if to say 'of course.' He said 'listen, guys are stupid. if the knack was good, like very very good, he will come back'. she (meaning my fictitious friend) just needs to fall back for a while, and he will come back.' then he said that the guy will send a message saying something like 'hey' or along the lines of 'i miss you'. and hwen he does, say 'that's sweet, thanks.' or 'that's nice, thanks'... after this, either he will walk away or he will text a second time, asking to meet. if he comes back a second time, it means he's ready to work for it. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING UNTIL HE TEXTS FIRST. AND AFTER HE DOES, WAIT FOR HIM TO DO THE WORK OF ASKING YOU OUT TO MEET UP. AFTER HE DOES THIS, IT MEANS HE'S READY TO WORK FOR. it's annoying cos this is pretty much what that guy was talking about. deluxis. or however its spelled. i shoul have stuck with the process more and trusted it.

it's also funny cos i can't imagine tby at this point ever messaging me again asking to meet up for a drink or asking whtehr i feel like doing something after work the way he did just last month or so.

Counting from Monday 4th of March it's been 3 days so far. I'll first of all get to 7 days.

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