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2019-03-05 23:03:45 (UTC)

Got my alarm installed

Got my alarm installed at the dealer today. It's not bad. No new remote needed and the alarm has a perimeter sensor. Kinda stupid but kinda cool. Stand next to it and look into the window and the car freaks out and sends some warning chirps. Try to open the door without your key near you and it really freaks out.

Loving the truck. Already got a dozen compliments for it already. Probably more pity compliments since they know it's not a cheap old truck. haha. Loving it.

Spoke to my roomie today. She is full of negative comments. I guess she's excused since she had surgery in her brain but I did tell her that she needs to stay positive and deal with what life has given her. She was complaining about having to buy her food. She feels she should have free food since she has a disability. I told her that she should instead be happy that she has the option of buying food and that others are starving right now just a few blocks away and they don't even have anywhere to sleep tonight except somewhere outside where it's freaking cold and rainy right now. She realized that and said that I'm right and she should look at life differently now. She'll forget by tomorrow. haha.

As for me? I'm feeling pretty good. I still pinch myself when I see my truck in the morning. Tax returns came in. I got paid this month already. My roomie paid my rent. I've been good with keeping my budget inline. I wasn't able to swing that 5,000 that I was hoping for but I won't need it. I think I'll survive the month. My gym friend's birthday present came in. It's a pair of running shoes that was one of the things she picked or was on her wish list I guess?
The cool thing is that for a few extra bucks, Amazon will wrap it for you too :) Also, some people that haven't been around are back again. Nice ladies. One's a kinder teacher and I give her shit because her name is the same as my ex gf's name. haha. But's it's just out of fun. She is actually very nice. Her friend is a Psychologist for a school district I think? Forgot to be exact but she is nice. I think her husband is a pastor or at least someone of high regard at a local church. So... these are good people. People I know I should be surrounding myself with. I'm still holding on to 157 lbs.

Already got plans for this weekend. Not solidified but it's my friends B-day and we will have a dinner outing for him. I need to make sure I hit the gym at least 5 times this week. I went 3 times so far. Tomorrow for sure. No afternoon classes at my gym so I'd have to go to the other one on Friday or do the morning one on Saturday to make my 5. Loving life :)

Almost ready to go kayak fishing soon. Just need to get a hitch ball and attachment, set up my rod and reels, set up my kayak, and I'll be ready to rock. I haven't used my GoPro in awhile. Time for some kayak fishing vids soon. I'll post links the I make another video again.

I'm tired. Going to bed.