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2019-03-07 01:36:54 (UTC)


Can anybody just stop? Why is it so difficult everyday to be fucking normal? I am constantly getting told that I am not good enough or I need to be more like someone else. Why can't people just accept me for me and not try to change me. It is exhausting. I'm exhausted. Why can't someone just be there for me? Why can't someone see that I am a human being and not just an "object". I wish people noticed me at school. I wish the people I like noticed me and felt the same. They probably won't especially since it is a girl like me. Like I have said before I am nothing special. I am not a diamond. I am not a rose. If anything I am a piece of trash. I have no safe place anymore. If anything the safest place would probably be... I actually don't know... there is no safe place. It is complete hell every I go. Half of the time I just wanna run away and see if anybody bothers looking for me or even bothers to ask where I am. Very little... correction... Nobody would. Why would people wanna look for trash? Nobody wants to and nobody definitely doesn't need to. I'm scared of overthinking. When I overthink... I break down...worse than before. Later on in my future ( I hope to be alive for ) I wanna go to ASU, Maybe study philosophy, play basketball at ASU, hopefully get asked to play in the WNBA, retire, and collect unemployment, and be happy. But we all know the happy part is the biggest fantasy I have ever dreamnt of.

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