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2019-03-07 01:35:54 (UTC)


So its obvious my brother doesn't love me. He is always calling me a pig for no reason and he always calls me ugly and a bitch because he doesn't love me. I just need someone to tell me everything will be okay and that they love me and all the qualities I have because everyday I put myself down more and more because I don't know my own worth. I have people trying to get with me but how am I supposed to love someone else if I can't even love myself. All I do is let people down. I'm depressed, I am a little bipolar, I have asthma, I am allergic to all animals, I get annoyed easily. Why can't I be normal. The unwanted life i am living isn't normal. It is everything but normal. Nobody would understand because everybody lives a better life than I do and it sucks but its true. Don't you know there is a hell in hello and a good in goodbye and there is a lie in the word life. It fucking sucks to feel misunderstood all the god damn time. I am wounded. But we all have a chapter we never read out loud but for me... I have chapters I NEVER read out loud.

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