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2019-03-07 01:34:58 (UTC)


I feel unwanted. Who could ever want a mistake like me? If someone wanted me they would tell me in person and say I want you. But i bet no one wants to. I hate how every fucking day I can't be happy. It is my mom's birthday and I don't even feel like she wants me in the house to share it with her. I can't even fucking be alone to think without somebody bugging me. I hate how nobody wants to even listen to me anymore. I am mad crushing on this one guy. He makes me happy every time I am near him and ughhh I wish he liked me back. But I am too trashy for anybody to like. Every one says you will be okay but none of us are. None of us are okay. We all have things going on, some more than others, but some of us are better at hiding it... like me. Nobody truly understands anything. We think we do but we don't. What is the true definition of life? When will someone feel like they have a purpose in this world? Those are unanswerable questions. I like to believe I am an average teenager but I don't think I am. I daydream a lot. About what my life could be, about who would be in my future. I have a lot of people I want in my future I just hope they want me in theirs.