Do Not Disturb

2019-03-06 21:18:02 (UTC)

A Not So Great Day

Work couldn't have got any worse. Theirs this manager at work who's always giving me a hard time just because I dont know how to do certain stuff. And when I ask for help from certain people it's like they don't wanna help me at all.

But now that I'm off work. I don't have to see what's his face and that is a good thing. I saw J their. He was on break while I was getting ready to get off work. He was starring at me a lot for some reason and this time I was definently not starring st him.

I don't like this manager. I like the one we had but I think she took off for the day. The main manager is caucasian. He's pretty chill. Pretty old like no teeth old. But he's okay.

It feels great to be home now that I can get away from all that drama at work. And the fact that I don't have to see what's his face till the weekends ans that's my night shift. It only be like four to five of us working... Including him. Smh.

I haven't texted Andrew today but I'm sure am thinking about him. But I'm not. He's an asshole.

I saw J without a hat also. Lol! He kinda looks funny without it being on.

I'm getting my hair braided again because a few of my braids came out..... AGAIN. I rather someone else do it than, the same girl who claims to do braids. This time I'm getting small braids because they last longer. And it Will be easier to put my hair in a ponytail. Because the ones I have now is a struggle. And not lasting very long either.

- A

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