the secrets of an average teen
2019-03-05 23:12:55 (UTC)

the effect of drugs

I never realized how much I’ve had of it until yesterday. I smoke so much and don’t get high anymore. I don’t have a tolerance anymore. I think it’s bad. I smoked A L O T yesterday and just kept smoking because I wasn’t getting high and then I coughed and threw up. (Because it was too much)

Sadly, my stress reliever is weed.
It used to be working out, but now I can’t drive to the gym. I just feel like i’m too into the weed. I feel like I need to have it to eat and to get through my days. I’m not sure what to do, i’m not sure if I can give it up. When I don’t smoke I feel sick and feel like I need to throw up and feel so weak, but once I take one fat hit off my bong, i’m all set. I just don’t want to depend on this.

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