Walter Plinge
2019-03-06 11:03:02 (UTC)


I'm not going to write in this daily, but it's an important point to note the behavioural choice in which we access outlets,

It's interesting that only when we are in a state of desperation, that we utilize resources as a safety net and last resource, and while many would argue that's how it should be, it'd be interesting to see the progress a person would make if they were in a more positive headspace to combat personal issues. For instance, commencing a diet when you feel crap, only to you comfort eating to make you feel better, but you broke your diet, thus you feel like more crap.
Same as mental health, the "too lateness" is a real thing, and I'm a culpret of that myself.

Today was, a good day, ironically I spent it entirely reclused, completing an assignment, didn't even leave my property, and I feel... fine?

Distractions are my crutch I guess, video games, movies, food and even assignments distract more because I'm in my own space.

Mornings are the worst though, I always dread the first three hours of awakening because no matter how long I sleep it's never enough!

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