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2019-03-06 10:57:46 (UTC)

Todays Update

Yesterday I attended the interview. I prepared well for it but i was examined on technical and programming skills which I no longer do and want to move away from. I prefer to look for jobs in business and data analysis rather than IT programming. Going back to IT programming is not good for me as there is no long term future for me there. What happens when I then lose the job? Anyway I dont think i did well enough to get called for the second interview.

I may have another (more relevant) interview tomorrow which is a BA regulatory project and it is contract so flexible and more pay. I pray I get the job. I am already up to speed with my BA interview skills and just need to brush up on the regulatory aspect of it.

My son got through to the stage now where he a specialist company will help him get a football scholarship into university in America. This is awesome news. The only snag is that his mother doesn't want him to go and we need to make a payment I cannot afford now to the service company in 8 weeks. He has 4 weeks to accept the offer. I plan to write her a letter today detailing the merits of the offer and why he should go. She has made the unilateral decision as usual without any consideration for what I think. I wouldn't let that bother me and focus and how I can make her change her mind and let him go,