Experienced Life
2019-03-05 06:38:35 (UTC)

My morning ritual

Coffee in the morning while in bed :) Love my mornings. Not really like meditating and meditating takes some skills. It's just my way of relaxing. Having a hot cup of coffee sitting up still on my bed, blanket over my legs, laptop on my lap, quiet as heck while I post on this site. It's all so relaxing. How can you not smile like a village idiot while in this state of calmness?

I'm able to juggle my bills this month. I used to just pay all my bills on the first of the month even if it wasn't due till the last week of the month. Not this month. Had to do some creative bill paying. The 5K I was hoping to get didn't fall through. My CA tax returns came in via direct deposit though. My roomie should be paying her rent soon too. So it looks good this month as far as bills go.

My weight is fluctuating a bit. I was at 154. Then I messed around a little too much last weekend and I'm up to about 157 I think? I need to keep it at 155. 150 would be ideal actually. That's when I was at my fastest but then again, I am gaining a little bit more muscle every time so maybe 150 might not be ideal for me. Way better than the 198 that I used to be anyway. I'm still not 100%. My left arm I think has symptoms of carpal. Too many cleans with too heavy a weight maybe. I dunno. Went to the doctor. I have physical therapy set up along with that nerve testing that supposed to hurt but I have medical so why not use it. That's what it's for.

Chatted a lot with my superstar gym friend last night. She is so cool. It's her birthday this week. I'm getting her a new pair of gym shoes. Yesterday was called Muscle Monday at the gym. Not much muscling around with me. On one ckt, we had to do a one knee kneel while doing a one handed overhead press. I freaking dropped my weight with my left hand. Good thing no one was near me so it's all good. My hand just couldn't hold on. My right arm is stronger than my left right now and its sorta sad because I'm left handed. Sigh.....

The weighted step up box was ok. My calves are strong so I was able to do one legged step up to a box with a 20 lb weight at a decent pace. V ups with a wall ball was ok. I struggled with shoulder presses once again due to my left arm. Weighted squats I did well. Mostly legs so all I had to do was just hold up a heavy kettle weight while doing squats.

Today will be TOBATA Tuesday. Tuesdays are one of my most favorited workout days. That's when you do a lot of cardio at an intense pace. I love it. So I'll probably keep my pace to only 5 workouts a week for now. Probably Mon-Thurs and then a Sat morning session. I hope to see that lady Sarah today. I introduced myself to her last week. Just a little short intro and conversation. Little steps for me. I'm good with that.

Lots to do. Still need to set up my alarm install from the dealer. I paid for it and it still needs to be installed. Not quite sure about the type of security it is. I hope it's the KARR system where you can track your auto, disable the starter, set up a virtual permitter, etc, etc like what I have in my Acura TL.

Time for more coffee :)