Do Not Disturb

2019-03-04 20:45:16 (UTC)

Flirting Flirtatiously

So as I was at work the other day their was this guy ( a red head of coarse ) who kept flirting with me all night. I don't know if he was flirting with me or not but I think he was because he kept bumping into me and getting very close to me when he was teaching me how to do the cash register. Too close.

And then he also said how pretty I was so I'm guessing that he was flirting with me so I went along with it and I was laughing the whole night their. He seeemed like an okay guy... So far.

He remembers me from high school as I've been told. He graduated from 2016 and I graduated from 2017. I mean if, I seen him around school I would've talked to him.... I think.

I was what they called the quit one and still am till this day and I also didn't have that many friends. Okay more like didn't have ANY friends at all but I had previous boyfriend's even though they all turned out to be total jerks. But you know you live and you learn.

Also I just realized that I start almost every entry with so.

I thought I had school at 4 today but I forgot that my history teacher cancelled class for the day.

I'm kind of liking night shift now. And maybe it's because of the guy that works their. His name is Antonio. He's very tall....6 ft. I didn't get off until 11 and then my boyfriend called me not 2 or 3 times but 91 times last night when I told him that I had to work the other day.

I had to wipe the tables, sweep, clean dishes, ect. . I worked at the cash register today. I hate working at the cash register.

Antonio mostly helped me. It seemed like he didn't mind because every time he was helping me he was a bit close to me and starring at me so I figured he likes me but the problem is that he has a 2 year old but he's also single. I looked him up on Facebook. Don't worry I'm not gonna fall for the guy or anything.

Andrew is still trying to have sex with me but it won't happen . I know better. I have a boyfriend. And I have to keep reminding myself of that.

No many times it will take to get that through my head.

- A

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