Experienced Life
2019-03-03 23:04:02 (UTC)

Wine tasting

Today, my friends and I went wine tasting. I told my friends I'm strapped for cash so it's all credit cards this month. We went to two places that we loved. One place was called Heringer I believe? That's my friend's wine club. I went to my close by wine club (much cheaper) which was Bogle. We had our cheese, wine, crackers, conversation, and all that fun stuff. I don't believe that I really liked this white wine. Bought a case of those. I usually never buy white. Just reds.

Anyway, we also had lunch at this rib place. Good eating. I tried but my friend paid for all of our taste testing and meals. Except for the case of wine, I didn't spend a penny today. I guess I'm lucky to have friends like these. Same ones that cleaned up my garage for my truck to fit. Sigh... I wish I was a better friend. Don't know why they like hanging out with me but whatever.. Party on Garth!!!

Still so grateful to be alive. Loving life and feeling happy even though I'm not getting laid :( . hahahahah. It's all good though. Maybe one day.. and getting laid is not all there is to life. Finding peace and happiness within is a blessing to have. I still remember days of old and how I was not in the right place. Not wanting to be alive even. That was a long time ago. I'm glad and lucky to have made it out of that doom-and-gloom mentality. This weekend went by so fast. Better get my coffee prepped for tomorrow :)

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