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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2019-03-03 18:42:08 (UTC)

It's always been You❤

Listening to: I'm falling for you - Chestersee
I don't wanna tell you that I long to see your face
I'm scared it might scare you away
and I don't wanna tell you that sometimes I think of you and smile
'cause time with you is time enough for now

"It's You, it's always been You" ~ Unknown❤

Good Evening!🌙
I know I been away and I am sorry.. Life has been hectic yet amazing :) I am one happy girl.. My Sir and I are still going strong and our connection has only intensified and Sir is finally seeing the growth I have been through and I think He enjoys it.. He says He is happy and I am very happy. I asked Him if He still loved me and it made me cry when He said "I don't think it ever really stopped"...I feel positive about our future. Our evening talks have resumed and I have enjoyed every moment.. He told me He was alone without me..He missed our talks. I am glad He likes the growth I have had as it's genuine..He realizes the work I have put into myself for us..but more importantly..for me. I can't express enough how amazing it's been and how happy we are :)

I have been swamped with work.. I am learning so many new things and training new people that it's been all consuming but I really am enjoying it. I am doing more management training and finding my groove.. It's nice to work in a place you feel appreciated and validated. I have nothing negative to say about my job.. I have made wonderful friends who I have connected with and I love being there..aside from it interrupts my sleepy time haha.

My tailbone is healing well.. I am getting stronger every day and started back at the gym this past week, not heavily..but working back into it slowly.. Overall I am getting stronger and so happy.. I am still doing my research and writing.. I wrote an entry today on how I view Ds now vs how I viewed it when I began and through each relationship. It was a task from my Sir.. I love doing tasks now..where as before...I use to dread's funny how life changes.. I welcome the change.. because I am loving who I am becoming and so thankful my Sir and I together again.. But biggest news is.... I am now collared :)))) My Sir brought it up and said this time He wants to do it right, it's time.. I was bawling when He said it and I now adorn His collar and it's a consistent reminder of my ownership :))❤ I truly could not be happier..

Off to soak in the tub, relax a little before walking dead comes on :)

Have a wonderful evening all!🌙

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