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2019-03-02 23:30:04 (UTC)

Got a lot done

Ok, so I got a lot of stuff done yesterday. Went to the Toyota dealer and took care of that bounced check issue. Had to write another one for them and they gave me credit for the bank insufficient funds fee of 29.50. What happened later was that my bank honored my request to forgive me for the bounced check and gave me back my 29.50. So in the end, I got a profit of 29.50. haha. Picked up my parts that was missing in my truck. It was just 4 rail clamps. Picked up my prescriptions. Deposited my 29.50 dollar check. Put a 500$ downpayment for my bed cover. It's A Diamondback cover and it was freaking expensive but very badass of a bed cover so I had to have it. And last but not least, I got my truck tinted. That was three hundred bucks but it's worth it. There was tint already but I got the back cab tinted even more closet to limo dark. I went with 50% on the front side windows. We're not supposed to tint the front at all in CA but screw it. I'll take my chances.

Maybe in April, I'll get HID headlights, l.e.d. ditch lights, and maybe a front behind the grill l.e.d. bar. That'd be cool. We'll see. In May, I'll get rock sliders. Not really for 4 wheeling. More for a step up to my seat and to block peeps from banging their door on the side of my truck. They can hit my rock sliders all they want. My rock sliders will win against any door all day :)

The place where I get my autos tinted is also the place where I get my electrical stuff done. Things like under carriage lighting, HID lights, front l.e.d. lights, foot lights, etc, etc. Well, I found out that the guy died last Sept. So sad to hear. His partner is a lady. She does the tinting and some of the basic electrical but he did the more complicating electrical. Sad to hear him pass away. He was a dang hard worker. Always came to work early and stayed late. I know because I used to pass by his shop a lot and the bay door were always open. He worked so hard and now he's gone. So so so sad to hear but it also reiterates that life is short, don't waste it or think that you can do stuff later instead of now. That's what made me pull the trigger on getting this truck.

Enjoy your life. Even when it's not going so good, enjoy what you can out of it because there is no rewind in life. Happy or sad, you only get one. I see that and I'm not wasting it. I'm loving life, loving myself. When crappy things happen to you, look at the big picture. It sucks when you're down but having a shitty attitude about it is what makes you you. Besides, you don't know the outcome down the road and what don't make sense right now might later. It's happening to me and it make me happy to see this now.