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me and my life
2019-03-02 19:03:30 (UTC)

Longing my baby

Monku is too busy these days, and when I say too busy that means he has no time even to msg or call, at night he gets so tired that he fall asleep on sofa most of the time without talking and even if we talk that's barely for 3mins. He is so busy today he has gone to Bangalore for some work so that means no weekend meeting last weekend also we don't meet. So sad life has become.
Job is all okish
Chums are arriving soon so having cramps all time. Phewww
Tomorrow is Sunday night m gonna sleep like a baby... Then nothing much mayb cooking
Thinking of spending some me time at mall after office would be fun. Gonna do some new things now. Like trekking, going movie alone, going hangout with self n blaaa blaaa