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2019-03-01 08:56:27 (UTC)

Day off and lots of errands

I'm off today but got a few errands. Going to the Toyota dealer to pick up stuff, straighten out my bounce check and hopefully they give me my 29.50 insufficient funds fee due to Toyota cashing my check too early. Then set up my appt for installing my alarm system, pick up my clamps.

Next stop is to check out my fav auto lighting place to see what options I got for my new Taco. I can convert my inside lighting to l.e.d on my own. Also going to install my own electric tailgate lock. But the HID headlight, ditch lights, and maybe the extra l.e.d. bed lights, floor lights I may just have the shop do it. Just for the sake of time and convenience. Oh yeah, they do tinting too.

Then I'll check out another truck store to get prices on my future Diamondback tunneau cover. Maybe see what rock sliders they got too. I need to set up my hitch so I can pull my trailer. I'm sure other things that I need but don't recall at the moment. Ok, need to get ready.

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