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2019-03-01 12:10:52 (UTC)

Thin line

Thin Line.
The line is very thin. You may be very happy but sadness is just lurking round the corner. Even though you may be sad now doesn't mean favour will not come your way and bring happiness. Some days you are prodigal because you feel so rich yet in the time it tales the earth to spin around its axis you are frugal and feel poorer than a church rat. You dress up early in the morning moaning about delayed and packed trains as you head to work, before you know it you are booking an appointment at your local job centre. You feel alive and healthy, full of vitality and a spring in your step and then the next morning you can't get up from bed. A divorcee living alone who remembers vividly his or her former home full of family noise. Attend church on Sunday and hides from God on Monday.