Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-02-28 22:21:23 (UTC)

Should I Repair

Well me and dad have come to a understanding, if you want to call it that. He was trying to keep a distance from me, on Tuesday he decided to have a talk with me. I hate having to talk 1on1 or even my and both parents, when ever they ask me questions I feel so uncomfortable. I hate it when I’m presented with, “hearing this, how does it make you feel?” Well to be quite honest you asking that question makes me feel like an ass, feeling moderately uncomfortable before you asked. I just think about not telling my parents where I’m going, like, when I go to Colorado I’d also get a new phone with a new number and change my name, heard that isn’t too hard while getting married. And then I would have completely abandoned my parents, nothing to do with the, ever again. But my view might change later on, and it would grief mom too harshly she might kill herself. I don't want to be 23, find contact with my parents just to find out mom killed herself because I left. Also same guy named nomo on here send a response and talked about my horniness, I know I talk how I’m horny too often but he really shouldn’t do that... not in the way he did, if you want to talk kinks then open up about it, but I’m not sending nudes especially since I’m 16 ... sooo yeah, illegal. He really was a rude jack ass, I like to know what you’re into and talk what I like. But I won’t be dating through a diary website, he clearly didn’t read my diaries because I often talk about my boyfriend.... sure I’m a polygamist but Leon isn’t and I like to stay loyal. You can tell me I’m hot with these kinks but don’t give me the “I love you and I want you” bull shit. And don’t go looking for this guy, no reason to start up drama.

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