Do Not Disturb

2019-03-01 03:59:14 (UTC)

Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream

Last night I had a dream about Derrick. Yes Derrick. I haven't talked about the guy in my diary entries in like forever. But last night I just so happen to. I saw him with his girlfriend. My dad was talking to him saying that he could spend the night... With us. And I felt some type of way he was all cuddled up on the floor with his girlfriend and it hurted so bad. The last time we texted he told me he had a girlfriend. Now I don't know if that's true or not.

And the next thing you know I was with my mom at the casino wanting to play some game with the screen is as big as the screen you see at a baseball park... Stadium... Thing.

Anyways, excited to get my hair braided tomorrow. You can apparently tell because I can't stop talking about it but because it's been a while.

I went live for the first time. Well with this guy I followed and he followed me. No big deal. He has fans. Girl fans. And apparently everyone knows him. He's 18 though. I was so nervous. I told him I don't really do the whole live thing. Everyone else seem so confident with it. I guess it's because I'm so shy.

- A