Do Not Disturb

2019-02-28 23:51:01 (UTC)

Life As We Know It

I think the guy that I mentioned the other day likes me. He's always starring at me. Or it could be the fact that I'm always sometimes starring at him. Idc. I have a boyfriend.

In other news, I get paid next Monday the same day I'm off ( hopefully ).

This guy that I had talked to recently that goes to my school said hey to me as I was heading to class just because we talked and only once we did. He seems okay for a friend. Of coarse I said hey back. It would be rude of me not too. No matter how much I wanted too. He also flirts with every girl he sees. Literally. I guess that's all guys.

And what's worse my mom woke me up this morning asking where the house key was when it was hanging up in the kitchen the entire time. I couldn't go back to sleep after that fiasco.

She also yelled at me because of the gel that I left behind on the bathroom counter. Even though she always ends up yelling at my brother because of the mess his dog made in the laundry room. Even though he shouldn't have been in their in the first place.

Every time mom tells us to do something she ends up doing it herself not giving us a chance to do.

I'm finally getting my hair braided tomorrow.

Today was very slow. I guess it's because I was at work for most of the day.

- A