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2019-02-28 11:00:54 (UTC)

challenge of strength

Tdy I did a challenge with my friend Xandra,the challenge of the strength.
I was sitting beside Arrow and Xandra was sitting in front of me .Meanwhile,Arrow was preparing to compete with Nelson,a grade2 student.Arrow is form 1 so of course he won. I was competing with Xandra a form one too,Wwe were equal in strength,but I focused my thoughts to the shape of Arrow's eyes,his chin....I muster all my strength and pushed Xandra's hand down and I practically slammed her fists down.I am not bragging or anything,I just want to share my happiness.I am only in grade six and I've beaten a form one!! I was considering to challenge Arrow when I see him accept another challenge, my courage drifted away and if I was a rabbit,my ears would have drooped.

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