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2019-02-27 21:20:47 (UTC)

Another good day

We covered a lot at work today. Gym class after that and coming home, my roomie or her hired help cleaned the house which is pretty good. Took a long shower and had my normal broccoli and chicken for dinner. Treated myself to two pieces of candy. To be honest, it tasted pretty crappy. blah!! Funny how not eating sugary stuff for awhile makes you not like it when you do taste it again.

So now, I'm kicking back on the sofa watching a movie. All clean and bundled up to save on the heater having to be on. Funny, just realized I haven't had a sip of wine yet. My roomie is here watching TV with me. I think she's lonely and just wants company. a puppy :) hahaha.

Oh, I saw someone at the gym today. I sort of was checking her out more than I should. She didn't have big boobs or anything like that. Her face wasn't a knockout. I just thought she was sexy in her gym clothes only because she looked healthy and fit. Her name is Sarah. I recall seeing her before and when I saw her today, I just had to go up to her, say hi and introduce myself to her. Not going after her but it's nice to flirt with a woman from time-to-time. Just enough to remind me I'm still a man and I still like women :) Plus, who knows? The seed may be planted? haha. Maybe?

That's all I got for now. Nothing major. No drama. Never got pissed off at anything lately. Not even when Toyota bounced my check because they deposited it too early. Maybe church is mellowing me out? Maybe lack of sex is mentally the same as being castrated so I'm not all "frustrated?" haha.

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