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2019-02-27 21:26:28 (UTC)


"Got a Call" by Land of Talk

February 27, 2019 Wednesday 8:27 PM

I don't remember what I wrote last, but whatever it was I'm sure it was bad. I'm better. I went to Lancelot and he was like, "I hoped you weren't coming because you were killin' it out there." And he said after a while that he thinks I might have to be in therapy for the rest of my life, just because the way things build up in my head when I don't have an outlet. I don't know how I feel about this. He made a joke at some point, where he went, "I'm so disappointed in you [for allowing your mental health to decline]" and I went, "noooo!" and he laughed and slapped his knee. He has this way of drawing his body into a floating fetal position when he's laughing, where the only point of contact is his butt to the couch. And he went, "Listen, Veronica. One day you're gonna move out of [this city]. For better or for worse, you'll never find another therapist like me," which I think was supposed to be partially self-deprecating but it made me kind of sad 'cause he's right. He's the best doctor I've had.

I'm a bit emptied out and exhausted. I am probably going to go home and sleep. I'm at the library right now. It's snowing.