from my heart
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2019-02-27 16:25:57 (UTC)

boys suck

11:26 am
so currently im dying. literally. my eyes are so itchy and i think its due to the dog allergies from irenes house. im wearing that jacket which is making my eyes itch.

im im advisement class and honestly i just cant wait till i get to go home even though i wont be doing anything that special. i have a lot of things to do like study, homework, study etc.

today theres been a lot in my mind. not necessarily it making me sad or anything but basically beizer straight up ignored my messages. or at least thats what i think he did. and now im feeling annoyed or irritated. its just weird. or maybe im just being too irrational and overreacting and making assumptions that arent even true. liking two boys are so hard. it was so much easier when it was just one.

basically i deleted snapchat so that i wouldnt talk to daniel because i realized im just so bad with relationships or even just imagining it makes me freak the fuck out. so i just kept it cool with beizer but now hes ignoring me for idfk why. thats why ive finally decided im just going to stop trying. all this friendship shit gets me hella confused. i do not like how irritating i feel and the way things are.

do i just continue to like daniel despite the rumors ive heard? or do i just stop liking any one in general which btw is really freaking hard when there are so many nice guys that are easy to fall for? i dont know.

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