girls dont cry
2019-02-26 21:51:29 (UTC)


I traced the curve of your smile with my fingers
and even though we were falling apart
i laid my head on your beating chest
and fell in love with the sound of your heart

i forgot how to love you
its easy to forget how to care
being so concerned with being alive
you taught me with your hands in my hair
(and i remember now)

suddenly we're holding hands
kissing in cars on cold nights
making jokes like we used to do
i think i might be...
im falling for you

if we could stay stuck in my bed
tangled in white
sun beaming through lace curtains
making shapes on your face with it's light
i would, i would

i lost it somewhere along the way
in the pink of your lips
the spaces between your fingers
you lost it in the sway of my hips

we forgot how to love each other in the midst of trying to love ourselves
and i saw it in your eyes one night
so i took you up and into my arms
and i think i might...
im falling for you

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