Experienced Life
2019-02-26 20:51:52 (UTC)

Truck accessories starting to trickle in

Got some cheap stuff for my new Taco :) Just some organizers for my console and glove compartment. Instead of just the normal black hole, I now have dividers for my console and shelves for my glove compartment. Also my seat cover. Nothing fancy. Just something to keep the sweat off of my new leather seats. haha. After the gym, I'm pretty sweaty. So guess what kind of cover did I get? I got a pet seat cover. haha. If it's good enough for a pet, it should be good enough for a human that sweats. I dunno. I am pretty porous. That's why my friends tease me and say I have a great complexion (keeping my man card. Don't care). I also ordered some vinyl lettering for some of the stuff inside but it didn't come yet. Can't really afford expensive accessories for now. I really pushed my budget to the limit.

In addition to my retirement, I've been putting in 250 a month for extra 401K. I'll have to tweak that for now and drop it to 50 a month for a bit. Freaking thing was losing money anyway. I lost more than I invested last year. PFFFFT!!!

I may send a link to the little upgrades I got so far but it's so minor, not worth posting. But I get a kick out of it so I"m happy. Gym was great again today. There is someone that didn't show up for a couple months now and she showed up today. Cute lady of course. She had a knee brace so she was injured. Sounds like a familiar tune. I know the feeling all too well. My superstar friend was there as usual along with some of the boys we hang with. All good company at the gym today. I had fun. Work was fine. Now I'm home and I almost want to pinch myself that I have a brand new spanking Tacoma in my garage :) hahaha.

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