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2019-02-26 07:25:18 (UTC)

Great Friends

My friends cleaned out my garage for my truck. I can't believe it. They did it without me even asking. They have keys to my place. I went to work, they did say they were coming over to make space for my truck. However, they didn't just make room. They reorganized my entire garage!!!! So much better looking. And of course, my truck can now park in the garage. My kayak, kayak trailer, motorcycle, and truck now fit inside my garage. Sweet!! Great friends! These are the same ones that I said I'll let go. Now I feel humbled and like shit. I guess friends of 20 years earns you some things. I must've done some nice things for them. haha.

I attached a link to my now cleaner garage. Don't mind the sounds. TV was on and have no clue what was playing at the time.

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