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2019-02-26 01:49:45 (UTC)

Happy Death Day 2U

College student Ryan wakes up in his car on Tuesday, September 19. Returning to his dorm room, he walks in on his roommate Carter and Carter's girlfriend Tree. He resumes work on an experimental quantum reactor with fellow students Samar and Dre. After Bronson, the school dean, shuts down the project for triggering several power outages, Ryan is murdered by someone dressed as Babyface, and wakes up again on Tuesday the 19th. Tree explains her experience reliving Monday the 18th, and she and Carter agree to help Ryan. They learn the reactor was responsible for creating the new loop. The new Babyface tracks Ryan down, but Tree subdues and unmasks him to reveal another Ryan. The second Ryan warns that the original must die for the loop to close. Terrified, Ryan activates the reactor, releasing a powerful energy pulse.

Tree wakes up in Carter's room on Monday the 18th, and relives her original time loop anew, with certain differences: Lori is not the Babyface killer, and Carter is now dating Danielle. Ryan theorizes that the reactor caused Tree to drift into another dimension. When Tree learns her mother is still alive in this new reality, she decides to stay.

That night, Tree goes to the hospital to intercept serial killer John Tombs before he escapes, but is confronted by a police officer before Babyface kills him. Tree runs into Lori, who tells her that Babyface cannot be Tombs because she just took him in for surgery. The pair try to escape but Babyface stabs Lori, then chases Tree to the roof where she falls to her death. Tree wakes at the beginning of her loop, and demands that Ryan and his team help her escape it, requiring they test dozens of algorithms. At Carter's suggestion, Tree serves as the group's recorder, killing herself at the end of each day so they can start again. Eventually, her injuries catch up with her and she faints. Waking up in the hospital, Tree steals a gun to go after Tombs, only to find Lori already dead. Babyface attacks and Tree shoots him dead. However, a second Babyface attacks, forcing Tree to kill herself again.

The group finally discovers the correct algorithm, but a technical issue forces a delay. Faced with a choice of which reality she wants to be in when both time loops close, Tree decides to remain in the current dimension. Carter urges Tree to consider the consequences of living a life that is not truly hers, and states that her experience with grief helped shape the person she is now. To hide from Babyface, Tree convinces her parents to drive her home. Later that evening, the news reports that Carter was murdered along with Lori at the hospital. Unable to contact Ryan to stop the experiment, Tree kills herself so she can save Carter and Lori. The loop restarts, and Tree decides to return to her own reality. She advises Lori to end her affair with Dr. Butler, discovers that Danielle is cheating on Carter, and has a final conversation with her mother at their birthday lunch.

Bronson confiscates the reactor before the group can activate it. Believing she is too weak to survive another loop, Tree insists they retrieve the device. The group enlists Danielle to distract Bronson while they recover the reactor. As Ryan readies the device, Tree goes to the hospital to rescue Lori from Tombs, but is trapped by the second Babyface – revealed to be Butler, trying to bury the evidence of his affair with Lori. Butler's wife Stephanie appears and shoots Lori, revealing she is in league with her husband before he betrays and kills her. Carter arrives and distracts Butler, allowing Tree to kill him. Lori survives, and Tree and Carter kiss as the reactor activates, sending Tree back to her original dimension on Tuesday the 19th.

Tree, Carter, Ryan, Samar and Dre are forced to pick up garbage across campus as punishment for defying Bronson. They are then escorted to a DARPA laboratory, where the reactor has been moved for further experimentation. Tree says she knows the perfect subject. In her bedroom, Danielle wakes up, screaming in horror.

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