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2019-02-25 09:07:15 (UTC)

no games

I'm going to send him a message today.

Yesterady i sent him a message saying i'd bee sick all of last week and how was he. He didnt reply. he hasnt replied. I don't know whether he intends to. Yes, I konw that I didn't reply his message on tuesady - but to be fair if we're operating by his own standards, there was no real forthcoming engagement from that message he sent.

I won't lie, I was miffed by his silence. Not just miffed, but disappointed. I would think that he'd be at least willing to reach out despite the petty games.

I think instead of allowing his silence to prevail like i normally do, and acting like i'm not phase, i should call it out. my only hesitation is whether or not it comes across as manipulative, and shows that I only talked about being sick because i wanted him to respond, and then upon not receiving the desired response, i'm not pissed and it looks kinda pathetic.

But i think i should get over how that looks and call him out. that actually shifts the power and compels him to respond. i think it would also opens up the conversation that i think we probs need to have.

I'm saying this whilst acknowledging that I don't know what's up at your end..

If you told me you were sick, my response would be to check if you were ok... . None of this would bother me if I didn't care, but I do so I feel hurt by the radio silence, tbh

Wanna hear what your think