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2019-02-23 17:32:49 (UTC)

Bought my Tacoma!!!

Well, I don't know how I did it but the dealer actually lowered the price on the New Tacoma by a few thousand bucks. Earlier, I got the 750 factory rebate and 500 dollar same as cash. But I was a hardass and got it down even lower. haha. then when they always sell the "extended warranty", I got that for 1098. They started at 2,500 but I kept saying I don't need it. hahaha.

I know people say that money can't buy you happiness and I'm sure that's true but I'm sure the person that said that didn't buy a brand spanking new Toyota Tacoma. It has all the accessories and features I wanted. Non like it anywhere from any other dealers for at least 100 miles. TRD off road 4x4 6' bed with the premium package (That's the upgraded stereo that sound so freaking good, leather seats instead of the cloth, and sunroof). Raised lettering, floor mats, luggage rack for kayaks, and some other crap I don't recall at the moment. They still need to install an alarm system that'll guarantee my truck won't get ripped off or they will pay for the loss of the vehicle. I also brought the dent protection package. They will fix any door dings and stuff for 5 years.

Here is the link to it peeps :) I need to make room in my garage for this baby. Gotta make it fit. :)

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