Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-02-23 14:49:36 (UTC)


I don’t really care about my family, I don’t feel apart of it nor do I want to. Like I can feel bad for the individual but as a whole I want nothing to do with them. Running away again is always on my mind, ran away 7 times now, I was born the running kind. I don’t feel like I’m worthless I know I have worth to my family, friends and most importantly to Leon. Last night dad came home and asked me why I haven’t been participating my part in the family and when I do I “half ass it” and give up. I’m tired of all these lies, so I told him the truth. I said I don’t care and I don’t have any motivation to do anything with the family. He got rather mad and raised his voice saying it’s pathetic that I can’t even be at least a decent human being. I’m glued to my screen for hours and I just want to talk with Leon, not the family. I can’t blame dad, his own daughter basically disowned him. When he asked why I think this way about the family I said, “I don’t know” he thinks it’s a pathetic answer and in all honesty it really is. He is loving and care and gives so much but I just don’t care, there are people out there that wish they could just have half the things I have in my life, maybe I’m spoiled. I don’t hate myself I just want out. I’ve contacted some people and shelters for more options but I need actions. The only thing that is tying me down is the electronics because they allow me to be with Leon, if they take these things away from me then forget it I’m running. Leaving no hints, nothing. And now every time someone, especially dad, is in the room I get really uncomfortable. Then when mom came home dad told her everything and she is really sad and knowing her stability she just might kill her self. But all I want is Leon, we got so far and I won’t let it end here

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