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2019-02-23 10:38:44 (UTC)

What you think isn't necessarily what is

Listening to: This Summer's going to hurt - Adam Levine

"What's meant to be will always find a way" - Unknown

Good Morning! ☀
I haven't been here and I missed it.. I missed writing...but things been absolutely amazing.. I am together again with my Sir and happy..very.. we both are. We are in a good place..had some really good conversations and found our stability.. It feels better than it did before and we are very close again. I have realized, perception is everything.. What you think isn't necessarily what is. I thought He was blissfully happy with the girl He dated after me but truth was..wasn't much better than the situation I had with B. While we both hurt over the reminder of each being with another. I believe this break was needed to give clarity.. It gave me such an appreciation and completely different outlook on how I viewed things in our relationship. I am applying all those lessons to now and now He's getting to know the "me" I am now..the one I was truly always meant to be. It's amazing how much you can grow through self reflection and solitude. I am genuinely happy. We laugh again, with us it's just natural..the connection is incredible....we have fun. I don't intend that to change and I am won't. He said something yesterday that literally made me cry.. in happiness :)

Today? few errands.. nothing crazy, tailbone still recovering and want to try the gym Friday..lordy I have missed it lol I need that adrenaline rush. I need those endorphins.. will start lightly..just need to go at a pace that doesn't set me back. Otherwise today I need to run a few errands, nothing special..I work again Monday.

Work was a blast on Friday, aside from not being told I am training someone until he appeared at 10am lol. Boss wasn't in.. So did that most of the day but was fun day overall with my coworkers :) Always is.. I am blessed I have a job I like...and my boss is really very nice and just like one of us. Fairly fortunate.

Ok off to get stuff done, I hope everyone has an amazing day!❤