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2019-02-22 20:28:32 (UTC)

Quiet Friday Night

No friends coming. Just being a couch potato on a Friday night :) Yeap!! Can't believe I'm saying this. No gym today. I was hurting anyway. Not the bad way but the good muscle work out way. I can feel my cores telling me to fuck off! hahaha. But you know, gotta earn it.

My roomie came to watch TV for a little while but she got tired and went to her room. Good because I like my peace and quiet. Not feeling like a counselor or to be a listener to her problems. Sorry, not my job. Can't fix the world. Can't even fix me. lol Anyway, that's not what the deal was for rent. It's just rent to be here. Counseling not included. haha. I like my quiet time :) Being alone and being lonely are two different things. I am alone but cherishing these moments. Maybe one day I won't be so alone but no matter what, I'm going to enjoy my moments as it happens.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a 9:00AM gym class. Then at 12PM, I'm test driving a brand new Toyota Tacoma. 2019 TRD Offroad 4x4 in Barcelona Red with luggage racks and the premium package which includes leather seats, upgraded stereo system, and a moon/sunroof. Just going to test drive because I haven't quite saved up enough yet. I'm still 2 1/2 months ahead of schedule. Still, it's the truck and accessories I want sooooo bad :) . Maybe just maybe, I can swing 5K more next week. We'll see about this. Anyway, I'm guessing they'll have me at the dealer for a couple of hrs. After that, I'm going to catch a Movie. We got a theater with cheap seats costing only 4 bucks. So it's either Bumblebee or that Harry Potter type movie.

I did actually accidentally open an old email looking for something and it ended up being an old pic from my ex gf from early on. That part wasn't good. I wish I didn't see that but like I learned, memories comes attached with feelings, it's simply a memory and I am living in today. No harm no foul. Just a feeling attached to a memory. Life is good.

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