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2019-02-21 23:15:37 (UTC)

Active Recovery

The director of the gym came to sit me down today. He knew I was hurting and did something called active recovery. Sort of like a massage but he make me move while he applies pressure on my shoulders. First time for me and it felt good. He found some knots and I moved my arm around to free it up. I felt it for sure. Helped clear up my kinks today. too bad I can't get this everyday.

Anyway, I kicked ass at the gym today. We did AMRAP ( As many reps as possible). 30 V ups, 40 cross country skiers, 15 chain breakers, 30 boxer ducks, sprints, and my favorite, 100 jump ropes. Timer goes for 15 minutes and we keep at it round and round till the bell rings. We did this for an hour.

Saw the doctor too. Getting an EMG I think to see how my nerves are reacting to what I believe are electric shock with probes stuck in my body. haha. Going for an x ray too. Don't know what that will show since I probably need an MRI and not an x ray. But I'll go anyway to get an x ray on my right shoulder. I hurt it way back over a dozen years ago and who knows? They may have some new fangled micro laser surgery they can perform now. Regardless, I have insurance so I should use it right?

Had an old but hot friend text me today asking me what I was up to. Don't really know why she does. We won't ever hook up and she is hot. In our Meetup group, she is something like the top 10% of the most prettiest women in there. My other female friend is jealous when I say this. But it's all in fun. Peeps gotta chill. We chatted for a bit. Don't know why. She has a dude from what she told me. I think she wants me in her back pocket just in case this one don't work out. Not playing that game though. Got a little bit more dignity than to be second fiddle hottie or not.

When I got home, took a nice long hot shower. Dinner consisted of broccoli and chicken. So I was a good boy trying to lose that extra 5 lbs.
Now I"m binge watching GOT :) Last one for the night. I'm getting tired. Long day.

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