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2019-02-03 21:02:18 (UTC)


So i'm in love.

I mean i say it with a touch of drama sha. but i'm deffo infatuated with him. his name is tby. he's 6'3 or 4, sexy af, intelligent, layered af, and so fucking interesting. When we talk, I hang on his every word. My eyes stalk him wherever he goes, its like i can't take my eyes of him. I can't stop watching him or noticing things about his body or how he moves. So much so to the point where he kinda playfully reprimanded me the other day. he has this scar above his eye brow, close to his hairline, and its slightly raised. and apparently i kept touching it and rubbing it absent-mindedly as if it wasn't attached to a person.

He has a chip on his shoulder, tho he tries to act cool.
in future i will try my best to...if you tell me tby look.
that may be extra, i don't want to make you break a sweat

is listening to this giving me advantage of knowing his personality better and therefore being able to predict what he might do and as a result being ahead of him. ORRR is it possible that in listening to this i;lll feel too familiar with him and express that which may feel at odds with how familiar he feels to mev. But if he;s the type who feels starved of real affection, and i suspect he is, then that might not be a big deal.

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