Experienced Life
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2019-02-21 08:20:42 (UTC)

Cold cold morning

Yup, I'm in California, it's late February and it's 35 degrees out. For this time of year, that's pretty rare. Should be warmer by now Not complaining because in the summer, it's going to be triple digits. It just makes leaving this warm freaking bed so much harder to get out of. haha . Body assessment today? Not bad. Normal aches and pain from working out of course. I can't tell if my left arm is improving or not. waking up, it feels fine then moving it around during the day is when I notice what I can and can't do with it. I won't check my weight till Friday to see. Don't want any fake water weight to give me a fake reading.

Thinking of the people that I enjoy being with. My server at the restaurant that builds my salad. She's nice. My co workers, they respect me and we have fun chats in-between work. My dart friends (even though I'm thinking of not spending too much time with them anymore). Lately thought, the most fun I've been having is with my gym peeps.

My gym peeps that I've know for awhile now and even some new ones. One of them is kinda cute. We make small talk before and after class. So she knew my left arm is messed up because this was one of the things I discussed before class . As we were cleaning up after class, I spotted and went to return a heavy kettle bell back to the rack. She saw this and said she'd take it back instead. I appreciate her help and acknowledgement that I'm hurting even though I was teasing her before class. She had a baggy sweatshirt on and I told her if I wore that, I'd be sweating after 5 min of our class. She says she's cold and she don't feel hot. Then I sort of gently nudged one of her sleeves down to show a little of her left shoulder and told her " The 80s called and they want their outfit back". People laughed. Then I started calling her Flashdance instead of her real name. Yet after all that teasing, she was still nice enough to help me return that heavy kettle bell. :) So cool of her.