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2019-02-21 07:51:22 (UTC)

Living sacrifice

Everyday is an opportunity to serve others. When we give ourselves as a living sacrifice dedicated to God's service, this pleases God. I want to please God. I want to serve him. I want to be modest and play my part.
I now have a target as I have an interview on the 5th of March. The challenge is to have an effective plan that after I Implement I will be well prepared for the interview. I also need to manage the distractions from people who require my time as well as other events and participation that I have to attend before my interview. I want to give myself the best chance by preparing thoroughly for this interview. Life is full of opportunity cost, because I am going to spend the next 2 weeks preparing for this interview I have to temporarily abandon my data science learning. I am really in the grove for data science but it has to be halted until after my interview which is a Business Analysis role. This is life. We make decisions everyday, we just meed to ensure we make the right ones.