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2019-02-20 20:56:23 (UTC)

A little down

Had a little curve ball tossed at me at work. Someone modified my network design a little and added a lot more work. Went to the gym and my favorite Superstar wasn't there today. I modified my workout again to protect me left arm. I did pretty good considering. A little down on myself for gaining 5 lbs.

When this happens, I know what people tend to too.(Per Youtube vids). They get depressed and think about the last time they were with someone. You start missing your ex because supposedly, that's the last time you may have been happy in a relationship. You start feeling sorry for yourself so this apparently is not uncommon. So with that info, I see and understand. I again know what I am experiencing and since I understand what's up, I know this will pass and I'll be ok. Ok......that's the thing. I'm just going to be ok. Not the most ideal feeling.. Sigh...

Well, all I can do is stay positive and keep doing positive things for me and achieving my goals. I still like myself and I'll continue to do what's good for me :) I did finally call or at least request for an appt to see my Doctor about my arm. Today, I didn't damage it worse. I was careful and still got a decent workout.

I'm keeping my drinking light tonight. Maybe a shot of vodka but no wine. My diet was pretty good today. Ate healthy so I'll see how heavy I am tomorrow. I need to get back to 155 hopefully by the end of the month. Man!! Maybe I just need to get laid :)

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